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Hello Friends, I Ankush Welcome you all in our blog website, and today we are going to discuss SQLmap installation in Termux. SQLmap is a tool used to hack website database.

Introduction to SQLmap

SQLmap is a tool written in Python used to hack website database. SQLmap is an open source & easy to use pentesting tool used to find SQL injection flows in any website. It works with many database engines. It has six SQL injection techniques. You can easily download it from GitHub easily.

SQLmap installation in Termux

Now we will teach how to install SQLmap in Termux. But before we use Termux we need to download it from F-droid or termux.com
After completing installation, you need to follow some commands to install SQLmap in Termux.
$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade 
$ apt install git 
$ git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap
$ cd sqlmap 
$ apt install python python2 
$ python sqlmap.py -h
Hurry! We have successfully installed SQLmap in Termux.

How SQLmap Works?

I will recommend you to watch this video for complete installation & working.


In this article, we have discussed SQLmap Complete installation & working. If you want to learn more about Termux than I recommend you to visit our website aktermux.in now

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