Teji Mandi Review: Legit or Scam

Are you curious about stock market investments and want to make wise decisions to grow your money? Teji Mandi is a platform worth exploring. In this article, we’ll review Teji Mandi, covering its features, referral code benefits, subscription plans, and more. By the end, you’ll understand why Teji Mandi is a popular choice for many investors.

Teji Mandi is an investment platform that makes stock market investing easier for regular people. It is part of Motilal Oswal Financial Services and is approved by SEBI. Teji Mandi offers a managed portfolio service to solve common stock investing issues faced by individual investors.

Teji Mandi Review

To begin with Teji Mandi, you need to create an account and choose a subscription plan. The process is simple, and you can use the Teji Mandi Referral Code A3YeExKx for a discount.

Earn with the Teji Mandi Referral Code

Teji Mandi has a referral program where you can earn Rs.300 for each friend you invite.

Why Choose Teji Mandi for Investments

Teji Mandi offers well-researched and diversified portfolios, making long-term investing easier for everyone. Its approach aims to create wealth in the long run and is trusted by investors.

Teji Mandi Charges and Subscription Plans

Teji Mandi charges a fixed fee for its portfolio consulting services, making it affordable for all investors. They have flagship and Bullish Bearish Multiplier Portfolio plans available for different durations.

Refer Teji Mandi and Earn Rewards

Teji Mandi allows you to refer friends and earn rewards. Share your referral code, and both you and your friend get cashback benefits.

Benefits of Subscribing to Teji Mandi

Subscribing to Teji Mandi brings several benefits, including a diversified multi-cap portfolio, disciplined selling, access to TM Pathshala, insights, and more.


Teji Mandi is an excellent platform for investors looking to navigate the stock market with confidence. Its services and long-term approach make it a reliable choice for smart investors.

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