Termux Commands Cheatsheet | Termux Basic Commands

Hello Friends, Welcome to our blog and today we are going to discuss about Termux Basic Commands. If you are Beginners in Termux then you need to take a look towards these commands.
clearTo clear all screen content run the clear command
pwdShow your current working directory
cd /homeTo move in Home Directory
cd ..To go back to the previous directory
touchCreate a file
mkdirFor creating a new directory
rmdirTo delete the directory
rm -rTo delete the directory
rmDelete File
mvmoves files or directories from one place to another
cpCopy File and Directory
viFile Editor
nanoFile Editor nano
catRead File Content cat command
topShow All running background Process
chmod (permission-mode)Change Permission and Group
git cloneClone Source code from Github
wgetDownload File wget and curl
historyShow history of All Previous run Command
dpkg –listdisplay a list of all installed packages including the versions of the packages
pkg installInstall New Package
pkg removeRemove Installed Package
apt update && apt upgrade -yupdate our all installed packages
apt updateUpdate New added Package mirrors
uname -aDisplay kernel information
whois domain.comGet whois information of the domain
netstat -tnlpCheck Active Port in Termux
ifconfigCheck all network interfaces or assigned IP, mac addresses
which filenameFind of an executable file
locate filenameFind all files with filename
lspciShow PCI devices
ping ip,domainSend a ping packet to the target
ssh username@ipConnect to SSH Server
ftp ip-addressConnect to FTP Server

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