VBug Virus in Termux | How to create a virus in Termux? | VBug GitHub

Creating a virus can destroy everything. A virus is a malicious code that can kill a lot of devices in seconds. So, Why are we going to create a virus?

Creating a virus and finding a loophole in a system is not bad. But some people use viruses for their personal benefit. I recommend you not use viruses to destroy anyone’s data or something else. I will not be responsible if you did any illegal things using viruses.

VBug Virus installation in Termux

Let’s take a look at the installation of VBug in Termux. You need to use some given commands to install VBug in Termux.

$ apt update
$ apt upgrade
$ apt install git
$ apt install python python2
$ git clone https://github.com/GottModusTermux/vbug-step-by-step
$ cd vbug-step-by-step
$ python2 vbug.py

Hurry! we installed VBug in Termux. I will not show how to create the virus.

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