How to get start in cyber security without any Technical Background?

cyber security is the practice of providing security to users’  data from hacking attacks. Users’ data means data of users on mobile  devices, computers, laptops, and data on servers

Cyber security begins in 1972 with the research of the project on ARPANET (Advance Research Project Agency Network).

Cyber Security doesn’t only mean learning about coding. In this  many other categories are also involved, and many other skills are also  important for being a Cyber Security expert.

The first and very important skill is to learn about computer systems

The second important skill is to learn about computer networks.

The third most important skill is coding. It is the main part of the way of a cyber security expert.

The main importance of Cyber security is to provide protection for all categories of data from theft and damage.

In the way of learning cyber security, you have remained in a community where you can get content about cyber security and computer science.

To learn best about cyber security you have to connect with people who are experts in cyber security and the computer field on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.