Weeman in Termux | Download the website at localhost

Sometimes websites block our IP addresses when we scan a website. So, there is an easier way to scan a website offline. We are going to use the Weeman tool to download websites online. Weeman is a python module used to run any website online.

Here are some commands you need to use Weeman in Termux or any other Kali Linux Distro. First of all, you need to update and upgrade your termux terminal.

$ apt update
$ apt upgrade

Now you need to install python3 in your termux using the given command.

$ apt install python3

Install the Weeman module from the command given below. You need to simply enter Weeman to run this tool.

$ pip3 install weeman
$ weeman

Let’s know how to use the Weeman tool in Termux. Here you need to enter some commands to download and run a website offline.

$ set url https://aktermux.in
$ set action_url https://aktermux.in

You can change aktermux.in with any other website you want to download offline.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial of Weeman in Termux. For more hacking stuff join our Telegram channel.

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