What does %s mean in C programming?

Programming has many special symbols and keywords. Of them, we need to remember a lot of keywords. In this blog, we are going to learn about %s in C.

The string is a set of characters. We use %s as a format specifier for a String. A string is defined by an array and a String is enclosed inside double quotes. Let’s take a look at an example to understand %s uses.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
     // Creating a String
    char name[20]; 
    printf("Enter name: ");

     // Getting String Value from user
    scanf("%s", name);

     // Printing String

    printf("Your name is %s.", name);
    return 0;

In this example, %s is used two times. In scanf %s is used to get the string value from the user. In printf %s is used to print the value of the string entered by the user.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial about String format specifiers in C Programming. For any further queries just comment below and join our Telegram channel also. Wish you all a happy coding journey!

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