What is firewalking in hacking?

Firewalking is a technique used in hacking and penetration testing to assess the security of a network by identifying open ports and services running on a target system. The technique is based on the idea that if a hacker can walk across hot coals without getting burned, then they can also find a way to penetrate a network’s security.

The process involves using a tool such as Nmap to scan a target network for open ports and services. Once the open ports and services have been identified, the hacker can then attempt to exploit known vulnerabilities in those services in order to gain access to the target system.

Firewalking can be used to identify weak points in a network’s security, such as open ports and services that are running with known vulnerabilities. By identifying these weak points, a hacker can then attempt to exploit them in order to gain access to the target system.

It’s important to note that Firewalking is considered an illegal activity when performed without authorization, and it’s also important to point out that, firewalking should be performed by professional ethical hackers to identify the vulnerabilities in a system and help the organization to fix it before it’s getting exploited by malicious actors.

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