📡 Wifi Hacking Tools for Termux | Hack WiFi using Kali Linux

Wifi Hacking Tools for Termux | Hack WiFi using Kali Linux

Hacking wifi is not much easy as you think. But Today I will introduce you to a tool known as Wifi-hacking.py that helps us to Hack a Wifi easily using Termux. We can use it in Termux and Kali Linux both but it required root access in Termux. We can use Kali Nethunter in Termux.

These are some of the amazing features offered by Wifi-Haacking.py

  • Start monitor mode
  • Stop monitor mode
  • Scan Networks
  • Getting Handshake
  • Create a wordlist
  • Install Wireless tools
  • WPS Networks attacks
  • Scan for WPS Networks
  • Crack Handshake with rockyou.txt
  • Crack Handshake with the wordlist
  • Crack Handshake without a wordlist

Wifi Hacking Tool in Termux

Termux is an android emulator that comes with some basic packages. Before installing Wifi-Hacking.py in Termux make sure you have a rooted device or use Kali Nethunter. If you have not Kali Nethunter then you can search for it on the website. Let’s move toward the installation.

STEP-1: Update and Upgrade Termux Terminal.

$ apt update && apt upgrade

STEP-2: Install the required packages for the WiFi-Hacking.py tool.

$ apt install git
$ apt install python
$ apt install python3
$ apt install cmatrix

STEP-3: Clone Wifi-Hacking.py tool files from GitHub using the git clone command.

$ git clone https://github.com/akashblackhat/wifi-hacking.py.git
$ ls

STEP-4: Now you need to open the wifi-hacking.py directory/folder using the cd command.

$ cd wifi-hacking.py
$ ls

STEP-5: Run the wifi-hacking.py tool using python3 and enjoy it.

$ python3 wifi-hacking.py

Wifi Hacking Tool in Kali Linux

Here are some commands you have to follow to install the Wifi Hacking tool in Kali Linux.

$ sudo apt-get update && apt-get install git
$ git clone https://github.com/akashblackhat/wifi-hacking.py.git
$ ls
$ cd wifi-hacking.py
$ ls
$ sudo python3 wifi-hacking.py

Search Network. Hack Wifi and Enjoy Free Internet. Wait Wait Wait Don’t Forget to Join Telegram. Wifi Hacking is illegal so do it at your own risk. All the information available on our website is for educational purposes.

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