Wifite Termux – 🖲️ WiFi Hacking Tools for Termux 

Wifite Termux – Best WiFi Hacking Tool Termux | Wifite2 in Termux without Root

Hello Friends, Welcome all to our blog aktermux.in and today I am going to discuss about best WiFi Hacking Tools in Termux. Termux is a best apk to learn Ethical Hacking but sometimes we need some extra requirements for any tool.So, today we are going to learn WIFITE installation in Termux without rooting your Android device.

Introduction to Wifite Tool

Wifite is the most famous wifi hacking tool used to break wifi passwords within seconds. Wifite is a tool to audit WEP or WPA-encrypted wireless networks. It uses aircrack-ng, pyrite, reaver, tshark tools to perform the audit. Wifite automatically scans wireless networks for Hacking.


Requirements of Wifite Tool

  • Approx 200 MB data
  • Adapter ( Amazon Buy Now )
  • Wifite Features
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically Find Passwords
  • No Need any physical connection

Wifite Tool in Termux

Wifite is a tool works with root access. So we need to give root access to our Termux without rooting our mobile phone. Such that we need to install Ubuntu in Termux. I have already discussed about Ubuntu installation in Termux. Ubuntu required only 300MB data in installation and setup. You can also download Kali Nethunter in Termux.
I hope you have installed Ubuntu or Kali Nethunter. Now open Ubuntu terminal and follow these commands :-
$ apt-get update
$ apt-get upgrade
$ apt-get install git
$ apt install python 2
$ git clone https://github.com/derv82/wifite2
$ cd wifite2
$ python2 setup.py
$ apt install aircreak-ng
$ python2 Wifite.py -h

We have downloaded it successfully….

Wifite in Kali Nethunter

It is very simple to download Wifite Tool in Kali Nethunter. Open Kali Nethunter terminal and run $ sudo apt install wifite command.Now you have to enter sudo password ( default Kali )
After completing download simply run $ wifite and your tool will be run sucessfully.


In this article we have discussed about Wifite Tool in Termux. It is one of the best tool for WiFi Hacking. If you like our post please share it with your friends and if you have any issue in installation watch the video carefully.

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