How to Install Packages in Termux

Termux is a popular Android terminal emulator that lets people access a command-line interface like Linux on their phones. One of the best things about Termux is that you can load and use different packages and tools to make your Android device do more.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to install packages in Termux step by step.

Installing Termux

If you haven’t already, you can get Termux from the F-Droid app store and put it on your Android device. Open the Termux app to get to the terminal once it’s been loaded.

Keep package repositories up-to-date

Before you load any packages, you must update the package repositories to make sure you have the most recent packages. In the Termux terminal, type the following instructions and press Enter:

apt update

This command will get the most recent list of packages from the repositories and sync it with your local library of packages.

Installing Packages

To install a package, you use the apt install command followed by the name of the package you want to install. If you want to run the text editor Nano, for example, you would type the following command:

apt install nano

When you press Enter after entering the command, Termux will ask you to confirm the installation. To continue with the installation, type y and press Enter.

Removing Packages

If you need to get rid of a package, you can use the command apt remove followed by the name of the package. To get rid of the Nano text editor, for example, you would type:

apt remove nano

Again, type y and press Enter to confirm the removal.


Installing packages in Termux is a simple process that lets you improve your Android device’s powers. The APT package manager gives you access to a large number of packages, which you can use to try out different tools, utilities, and apps on your mobile terminal.

Termux is a flexible way for Android users to try out the world of command-line computing. You can use it to set up a development environment, run a web server, or use powerful text tools.

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