Termux Install Python | How to install Python3 in Termux

Do you want to use Termux to run Python on your Android device? Python is a powerful programming language that is used for many things, from building websites to analyzing data and making computers smarter. With Termux, an Android terminal emulator, you can run tasks similar to Linux and access a wide range of packages. This lets you run Python on your mobile device.

In this detailed guide, we will show you step-by-step how to install Python on Termux. This will allow you to use your Android device to its fullest for Python writing.

Explaining Termux and Python

Termux is a powerful Android terminal emulator that gives you a full Linux-like experience. It lets users run commands, load packages, and run different kinds of software on their Android devices. This makes it a useful tool for both developers and Android fans.

Python, on the other hand, is a flexible computer language that is easy to learn and known for being simple and easy to read. It works on many different platforms and has a lot of libraries, which makes it a popular choice for many different apps.


Before we get started with the installation, let’s make sure you have everything you need to install Python on Termux.

  • A device that works with Android (Android 5.0 or higher is best).
  • To download packages, you need a stable internet link.
  • Know how to use the command-line interface (CLI) in a basic way.

Installing Termux on Android

Follow these easy steps to get Termux running on your Android device:

  • On your Android device, open the F-Droid.
  • Find “Termux” by typing it into the search bar.
  • Pick “Termux” from the list of results of your search.
  • To start the installation, click the “Install” button.
  • Once Termux is set up, tap its button to start it.

Starting Termux and Configuring

After you’ve installed Termux, tap the app’s button to open it. When you start Termux, it will set up a system similar to Linux and show you a command-line prompt.

When you start Termux for the first time, it might take a few seconds to set up the files. Once the setup is done, you’ll be able to use Termux on your Android device as a powerful terminal.

Setting up Python on Termux

Using the package manager pkg, the process of installing Python on Termux is easy. To set up Python, do these things:

  • Launch Termux.
  • Run the following command to make sure your package lists are up-to-date:
apt update
  • Run the command to install Python:
pkg install python

This will get the Python package and all of its dependencies and put them in place.

Verifying Python Installation

Once Python is set up, you can check that it is set up correctly by looking at the version. Just type in the following:

python --version

The version of Python that was installed will be shown on the screen. This means that you can now use Python on your Android device through Termux.

Running Python Scripts on Termux

After installing Python and setting up the virtual environment, you can run Python scripts right from the Termux command line. Just go to the folder where your Python script is stored and run the following command:

Python your_script.py

Change your_script.py to the real name of the file that contains your Python script.

Python packages that can be used with Termux

The pkg package manager can be used to add a wide range of packages in Termux. Here are some important Python tools that can make programming in Python on Termux better:

  • Requests: The requests library makes it easy for you to send HTTP requests and talk to web services. Use the following code to set up requests:
pip install requests
  • NumPy: NumPy is a powerful library for doing numerical calculations in Python. It is a must-have for apps in science and maths. Use the following code to set up NumPy:
pip install numpy
  • Pandas: Pandas is a famous library for working with and analyzing data. This makes it a great choice for working with structured data. Use the following code to set up Pandas:
pip install pandas


Congratulations! You have set up a virtual environment for Python projects and installed Python on Termux. With the power of Termux and the flexibility of Python, you now have a working environment that you can take with you anywhere.

As you keep learning Python on Termux, don’t forget to try out different libraries and projects and enjoy the freedom this setup gives you. With Termux and Python, you can code on the go in a lot of different ways, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coder.

So, go ahead and let your ideas flow as you write Python code easily, quickly, and conveniently on your Android device.

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