How to get start in cyber security without any Technical Background?

Hello, friends here we are going to study “how to get into cyber security without a technical background?”. In this article, we are also going to study what is Cyber Security, the importance of cyber security in daily life, and how you can start learning cyber security things and skills without a technical background.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the practice of providing security to users’ data from hacking attacks. Users’ data means data of users on mobile devices, computers, laptops, and data on servers. It is the security of the internet. Cyber security begins in 1972 with the research of the project on ARPANET (Advance Research Project Agency Network). It developed the protocol for remote computers. Cyber Security doesn’t only mean learning about coding. In this many other categories are also involved, and many other skills are also important for being a Cyber Security expert.

Skills Required in Cyber Security

Computer Systems

The first and very important skill is to learn about computer systems means we should have admin-level knowledge in both windows (GUI) and Linux (CUI) operating systems. In this, we should mainly focus on Linux (command line interface). At the beginning of Linux ( CUI ), you can face the difficulty of learning so firstly you should learn all about windows (GUI)and then work on Linux.

Computer Networks

The second important skill is to learn about computer networks. Without a computer network, you can’t connect two or more devices through an internet connection. In a computer network, you should mainly focus on learning of OSI reference model. In the OSI reference model, we should learn all about its layers and the application of these layers. The best way to learn networking is to visualize things.


The third most important skill is coding. It is the main part of the way of a cyber security expert. But before coding, you have to become an expert in Linux windows, and computer networks. After that, you can start learning to code. It will take a long time to become an expert in coding so you should have patience in learning that.

Learning about how peoples think about computer systems and computer networks and data storage and other things about computer science is also important. In Cyber Security there are many fields like application security, cloud security, mobile security, IoT (Internet of Things) security, mobile forensics, digital forensics, incidental response, network security, endpoint security, etc. There are many other job opportunities are also in cyber security. If you want to know in which field of cyber security you have to go then you should experience all the things and fields. Then you can find a field where your interest will never end this will become the field of cyber security in which you want to work.

Importance of cyber security

Cyber security protects all categories of data from theft and damage. It provides security to users from any kind of evil digital action. In today’s life cyber attacks are increasing rapidly and the data of users are at high risk. So to protect the data from cyber-attacks and to reduce the risk of data theft from hackers we need the protection of our data. This protection will be provided by Cyber Security experts. In the way of learning cyber security, you have remained in a community where you can get content about cyber security and computer science. You should have to connect with people who are experts in cyber security and the computer field on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


In this article, we have discussed cyber security and how to become a cyber security expert. If you want to study more about cyber security and computer articles then visit our website

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